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Built On ML

Why Built On ML

Built On ML brings the industry’s best technology and practices to your company. After many successful deployments, we are confident in our ability to meet your company’s unique needs.


A great company needs great technology. The smart apps and infrastructure we build for you will set you apart from your competition

Whether you’re building your MVP or looking to modernize an existing app with 1 million daily users, we have the experience to deliver exactly what you need.

When you work with Built On ML, we build custom implementations of our best-in-class solutions for your company. The code base, infrastructure, and IP are built in your organization and are yours to keep.

The team

Above all, we are unapologetically an engineering first company. Our leadership codes. Our projects are managed by experienced engineers and scientists.

We have a strong app development, machine learning, and infrastructure teams. But the real magic happens when these teams work together to build beautiful high-performance apps with natively integrated smart features.

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"A beautiful, high performance, and scalable smart app that sets you apart from your competition"

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Our network

We have close connections in North America and Europe with industry leaders; professors and researchers at the world’s best universities; and respected domain experts in many fields.

If elements of your project require industry connections or specific technical consultation, you can be confident in our network.

Your solution will be:

A custom-tailored app that’s perfect for your business

  • Whether you need an internal app to automate processes or a client facing app, we will build you an industry-leading solution

Integrated with smart features

  • Recommender engines, smart search, dynamic UI, and real time predictions enhance the client experience

  • Algorithms forecast, optimize, and automate the most important parts of your business and support decision making

Fast and available

  • A great user experience requires high performance

  • All systems are fast and available when you need them

  • We offer high-performance computing using C++ and Rust for performance-critical processes

Built to scale

  • Scalability is the default for Built On ML. We have experience scaling small affordable prototypes to large-scale enterprise software.

  • Your MVP should be affordable without the need to rebuild it when you grow

Built with growth in mind

  • A solid flexible technical foundation allows for you to grow fast and pivot quickly

  • New features can be rapidly developed, deployed, and split tested to optimize your business and improve your customer’s experiences

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Development Outcomes

Every step of the development adds value to your business. We will create an iterative development plan that minimizes the time to value of your tech.

Apps are built to integrate into your existing environment.

All phases are domain driven. We have learned from years of working across complex industries how to quickly build tools that consider the complexity and nuance of your business.

Our approach

Built On ML uses a standardized high level-framework for app, infrastructure, and production machine learning development.

The goal is to balance the best technology and “tried and true” processes with the flexibility to build exactly what your organization needs.

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Your journey with us


We learn what you want to accomplish in your business through discovery sessions.

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We translate your goals into a technical design that achieves those outcomes.

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When you're happy with the technical design, we'll provide you with an estimated timeline and costs.

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We present a proposal to you that clearly shows the cost options and time needed to be successful.

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If you’re happy with the development plan and prototype we immediately get started on growing your business!

Ready to get started?

Start the journey of building the perfect tech for your company today. Tell us about yourself and your project and we'll be in contact asap!

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