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Built On ML was started with a clear vision: to bridge the gap between high quality apps and machine learning.

Too often, companies build an amazing app that cannot handle complexity or integrate smart, data-driven features. It is also common for data scientists and machine learning researchers to build brilliant algorithms which are never integrated into production due to technical difficulties.

Built On ML has consistently solved this problem for our clients.

Our approaches have been battle-hardened and perfected. We were so happy with the results, that we decided to apply them to our own machine learning service which provides recommendation engines and personalized search algorithms to companies.

Since we started, we have carefully crafted and refined our technical infrastructure and development practices. The result is the ability to quickly build beautiful high-performance apps, machine learning ecosystems, and seamless integration between them.

Today, our clients span diverse industries, technical needs, and stages of growth.

Some clients need high-performance apps with significant complexity. Some need large scalable data infrastructure with strong machine learning ecosystems. Some need it everything built from scratch. 

In all cases, Built On ML competently delivers tech which surpasses their expectations.

The Team

Above all, we are unapologetically an engineering company. Our leadership codes. Our projects are managed by experienced engineers and scientists.

We have three key teams: App Engineering, Machine Learning, and Infrastructure. The teams work closely together to ensure their tech is smoothly and naturally integrated through the full project.

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This website is still a work in progress, but we are actively growing. If you are interested in our services, or in a career at Built On ML, please reach out!



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